SUN Bucks are coming to Washington!

Could you use some extra financial assistance this summer to help with groceries?

By Toni Hill - Macaroni KID Marysville June 11, 2024

Could you use some extra financial assistance this summer to help cover the cost of groceries? Starting in 2024, eligible families in Washington will receive a helpful boost to their grocery budget when school is out of session, thanks to the new federal program known as SUN Bucks. This program is designed to support families who lose access to free school meals during the summer months, ensuring your kids have access to nutritious food all year long.

What are SUN Bucks?

Also known as Summer EBT, SUN Bucks is a federal initiative aimed at assisting families during the summer break when school meals aren't available. Each eligible child will receive $120 to help cover grocery costs. Similar to SNAP (Basic Food), SUN Bucks can be used at various locations, including grocery stores, farmers markets, and corner stores. The flexibility of SUN Bucks ensures that you can choose the best options for your family’s needs. SUN Bucks works hand-in-hand with the Free Summer Meals program to provide comprehensive support for families during the summer.

SUN Bucks Benefits
Once a child is verified as eligible for SUN Bucks, their family will receive an EBT card by mail. Families with multiple eligible children will receive separate EBT cards for each child, each loaded with $120. These cards can be used to purchase groceries at any retailer that accepts SNAP (Basic Food/EBT).

To ensure you receive your SUN Bucks card(s), please confirm your current mailing address with your school district.

Families have 122 days to use the funds before they become invalid. Therefore, it’s important to prioritize spending SUN Bucks before using other benefits like SNAP (Basic Food/EBT).

Is My Child Eligible?

Eligibility for SUN Bucks is primarily based on household income or participation in other public assistance programs like SNAP and TANF. If your family currently receives benefits from these programs, you are likely to qualify for SUN Bucks as well. To see if your child is eligible, use our screening tool available here. This tool will guide you through a few simple questions to determine if your child qualifies for this beneficial program.

Why SUN Bucks Matter

For many families, the summer months can be challenging when school meals are not available. SUN Bucks aims to fill this gap by providing additional financial support to cover the cost of groceries. This ensures our kids continue to receive the nutrition they need to thrive, even when school is out.

Participating in this program not only supports your family’s dietary needs but also contributes to a healthier, more vibrant community. The program encourages the use of local food sources such as farmers markets, which helps sustain local agriculture and the economy.

You can find more about the SUN Bucks program here.