Craven Farm

13817 SHORTS SCHOOL RDSnohomish, WA 98290
Phone: (360) 568-2601Email: HELLO@CRAVENFARM.COMWebsite: Visit Website Google Map


Craven Farm has been a staple in the picturesque Snohomish Valley well before it became the first pumpkin patch to open its gates to the public in 1983, started by Mark & Judy Craven. It has evolved into many wonderful things today, including an enchanting wedding venue. 

In 2017, Brian and Kimi Chadwick discovered the farm and the amazing community that has developed over many years of hard work and various offerings. Each of these things connected them immediately to the farm. The strong foundation the Craven's built, create a beautiful and well-rounded jumping off point for all the Chadwick's envision for the farm's future. Their focus will remain on building community through various agritourism events, new offerings and a big passion of Kimi's - the wedding venue!


One of the driving forces behind the Chadwick's passion for small business are their two children, Daphne and Adler. Owning  a business that the kids can grow up in and be involved with is something they've looked for from the beginning. The Chadwick kids adore meeting new people, helping around the farm and dreaming up new ideas for how to use the farm and keep the community involved.